Battlefield: Bad Company 2

24 Nov

I recently received Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as a gift on Steam. I had been wanting to purchase it but just never got around to it. Several of my coworkers regularly play online together in multiplayer and they’ve really wanted me to join them. I finally now have the ability to join them. I have decided to start doing my reviews of games a little differently, instead of divulging the entire story I will instead only describe the quality of the story and how it is told. This way anyone that wishes to play the game not knowing what happens won’t have to worry. Continue on to see my thoughts on this game.

The story in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is told primarily in-game with a few brief in-game cut scenes. The story is alright, though not very in depth, I found myself losing interest and having a difficult time taking it seriously. Occasionally some humor was inserted into the conversations between characters to lighten it up which helped. However, the Battlefield franchise has always been known as a multiplayer franchise so as expected the single-player campaign, while long enough to be considered complete, just felt tacked onto the multiplayer to justify the price.

Gameplay is standard FPS style. You can hold two weapons, three if you count  the grenade launcher on some weapons. Most levels have a number of discoverable weapons, once you find them and pick them up they will always be available to you through the various weapon drops on each level. At these weapon drops you can swap out weapons and refill your ammunition. This is a nice feature as you are walked right past these drops sometimes before the style of gameplay is to change allowing you to change out your weapons for more appropriate ones. For the most part the gameplay is very enjoyable and at times very intense as the game features destructible environments. So you could be taking cover behind a concrete barrier one second and the next an RPG round has blown it to little pieces and now your being shot at. This is what makes a combat scenario that much more entertaining, the risk of losing your cover at any time keeps you on your feet and moving. Like many other combat shooters, grenades thrown near you light up, even through walls, so you have a good chance of getting clear of them before its too late. Sadly there were a few points throughout the game that I found frustrating. At one point my character was taking cover within a house, next thing I know an explosion goes off and a gaping hole is in place of where the wall used to be. Not two seconds after the home remodeling I’m taking direct fire, perfectly aimed at me. This would be fine if it weren’t for the thick cloud of dust between me and the enemy that somehow is able to see through smoke/dust even though I can’t. Later in the same level a single enemy with an RPG was able to fire continuously with little time for reloading like somehow he had MacGyvered his RPG and turned into a semi-auto unit. There other times throughout the game where I was taking fire from enemies that either had obstructed or completely blocked lines of fire to me.

This is the first game I’ve played multiplayer on in a very long time so I have no way to compare this offering to past ones. However, in the one game I played with a few teams online I had a blast (no pun intended). The game we played was basically capture-the-flag. Across the map was multiple flagpoles, as you stood next to one that did not belong to you the flag would go down and back up giving it you therefore turning it into a spawn point for killed players. This process was sped up as more of your teammates stood nearby. Everytime you die you have the option to switch out your character type, you could choose between Engineer or a normal soldier plus a few others. Each option had a standard set of weapons while the Engineer had the ability to repair damaged vehicles. It’s obvious that multiplayer is where the time was spent on designing this title.

The graphics BBC2 are very well done. Character models are highly detailed, weapons look very well done and the environments look decent as well. The addition of destructible environments really added a level of realism to the game. I have no complaints here…except for one. One of your squad mates in the single-player campaign is a stereotypical Texan complete with Southern accent. While the other character models looked pretty good, his…well…he kind of looked like he had Down Syndrome.

For those of you who happened to read my review of Call of Duty: Black Ops you’ll remember that I had some issues with the audio in that game in regards to explosions and weapon sounds not having quite the punch to them. This was not the case with BBC2, weapons and explosion sounds were very satisfying. Just the right volume level and with plenty of base. Additionally, the developers took advantage of some environmental audio functions creating a very interesting echo whether you’re inside or out but noticeably different from each other. Just adds another level of realism.

Now that one can get this game for around thirty bucks I’d say it’s a good deal. The single-player campaign will give you a solid weekend’s day of entertainment and you’ll have plenty of fun with the online multiplayer levels when you’re finished. It may have some minor frustrations in the gameplay department and a somewhat weak single player story but it’s still a fun game to play.

Rating: 8/10

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