GOP to vote on Healthcare Reform Repeal

04 Jan

It's not fair!

In a hurry to make their mark on history the Republicans within the House of Represantatives are planning a vote for next week to effectively repeal Healthcare Reform as it currently is. Leaders have promised to “repeal and replace” the healthcare law. That’s all well and good as the stripped down reform did nothing to help save consumers money or take care of the uninsured, but they’re not voting on the replacement yet, just voting to repeal what we have already.

Even though the healthcare reform that eventually made it into law was neutered practically from the beginning, it still had some important legislation in it to prevent consumers from being screwed over by insurance providers.

The proposal is that three committees to will be created to report healthcare legislation. These committees will be tasked with 12 goals, of which include lowering healthcare costs and premiums (let’s hope so), increasing the number of insured Americans and “to provide people with pre-existing conditions access to affordable health coverage.” All of these were goals that were to be a part of the original healthcare reform but were stonewalled by a majority of the Republicans and a few of the Democrats. It almost seems like the Republicans weren’t happy that the Dems were going to receive credit for fixing our healthcare issues and thus shut down, refusing to negotiate and leaving the last reform a mere shell of what it was originally intended to be. This allowed the Republicans and their followers to bash the last reform attempt for lacking teeth and paved the way for the Republicans to swoop in and save the day. “We’ll rescue you all from this atrocious attempt at healthcare reform and step in with a true healthcare reform that will save you money and insure the uninsured, we’ll be heroes, even though we’re the ones that made the last attempt atrocious.”

So instead of just adding to the existing legislation that was to do some good for us you’d rather waste time trying to repeal the preexisting legislation and write your own. How about instead you focus on fixing the economy and unemployment rates then focus on reforming healthcare. If you don’t try to fix the first two issues before the last, you’ll only have to find a way to insure more of us without jobs and no way to afford coverage. Props to the Republicans for at least seeing a problem and wanting to fix it but you should have just helped the Dems last year make powerful and beneficial legislation instead of competing with them for the glory and credit.

While I’m glad that they aren’t talking about completely eliminating healthcare reform altogether, I’m a little frustrated at the time wasted with repealing and creating new legislation from scratch. As usual, I still feel that the politicians’ agendas aren’t in our favor, but we’ll just have to see what happens over the next few months.

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