Surprise! McKeon doesn’t like Budget Cuts

07 Jan

In case any of you haven’t heard the government’s budget is out of control. President Obama is making a huge push to cut various agency budgets in an effort to fix our incredible national debt, at the time of this posting, $14 trillion. I’ve always felt that we spend entirely too much money on our military. Don’t get me wrong, we have the best military in the world and that doesn’t come cheap and we can’t simply get rid of our military because its expensive, we kind of need it for protection. Nothing would make me happier than to say, “We don’t need a military,” but as long as humans inhabit this planet we will need a military. However, in my honest opinion I feel that the US, lately, has been in several military engagements for the wrong reasons, but we’re not here to talk about that.

Do you know how much our government spends on our military? Get this, the 2010 military spending budget tipped the scales at close to $680 billion. $680 billion, almost a quarter of a trillion dollars. That’s an ass-load of money!

Yesterday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced a plan to cut $78 billion plus $100 billion trimming waste over the next five years from the defense budget. That doesn’t seem like nearly enough, but I suppose you gotta start somewhere. The plan includes numerous steps to reach this goal including, reducing the number of military personnel and cancelling defense contracts with contractors such as General Dynamics Corp. and Raytheon (hard to tell whom else is on the chopping block as some of them may be classified). I want you to pay attention to that part about the contracts, that’ll become important here in a second.

I love money!

After the briefing House Armed Service Committee Chairman, Howard McKeon, said the following, “We are fighting two wars, you have China, you have Iran: Is this the time to be making these types of cuts?” For starters, if I’m reading this right, he’s indicating the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, okay whatever, I thought we were trying to wind those down anyhow. But what comes after that I find particularly disturbing, “you have China, you have Iran.” Excuse me, but are you suggesting that you are about to start an f-ing war with China and Iran? I realize Iran is a powder keg, given their attempts at nuclear weapons, but is it really about that, or is it about their oil? And what’s this about China? Why the hell do we need to go to war with them, are we mad that they make knock off products cheaper than we can? I seriously doubt that they’ve been threatening us, we owe them truckloads of money, I’m sure they want to make sure they get that back, picking a fight with us would pretty much ruin their chances. Regardless of what reasons they think justify a war with them, I’m not sure I feel comfortable with some goof-ball in D.C. even suggesting a possible war with China, to the Chinese that’s got to sound like a threat. Who’s to say they don’t hear that, think the U.S. is planning something, and decide to make a preemptive strike.


McKeon’s retarded comments aside, let’s dig a little deeper and see if we can find the real reason he’s opposed to these budget cuts and contract cancellations/holds. Here we go. Oh! Look at that, Mr. McKeon’s been receiving contributions from numerous defense contractors. His top contribution industry is…Defense Aerospace! Lookie there, his fourth highest contributor was none other than General Dynamics Corp. See, I told you that would become important. Bill Young, Defense Appropriations subcommittee chairman, also showed signs of opposition, although for entirely different reasons, let’s take a look at his contributions records. Well, he looks a little better, none of his top 5 contributors are defense contractors, oh, but what’s this, top campaign contribution industry, Defense Electronics. (By the way, Bill Young totally looks like Wayne Newton and Donald Trump’s love child.) The fact that these men are Republican is coincidental, this can happen regardless of party affiliation.

It’s no wonder they didn’t like the idea of these budget cuts, they stand to lose thousands of dollars from them. You see, this is the kind of crap I’m getting tired of seeing. Our government’s budget needs serious attention, but these dingleberries aren’t willing to take the necessary steps because it might make their campaign contributors upset. Screw that, and screw you McKeon! I hate being right but this is exactly what I was talking about with my post on Leveling the Playing Field. Who’s interest do these guys have in mind? Nobody’s but their own.

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