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26 Jan
Black and white Looney Tunes opening title fro...

Rejected Fox News Title Cards

On the Fox News show, Fox & Friends, the hosts were poking fun at Obama for attempting to inject a little humor into the 2011 State of the Union Address. I don’t see anything wrong with that, I actually would prefer a President with even the slightest glimmer of a sense of humor over some stuck-up talking robot. Regardless of their reasoning for not liking the President’s attempts (because he’s a Democrat) they still did whatever they could to make him look bad for it, something they seem to strive for on a daily basis. What did they do now, you ask?

Same thing that made them famous, cut up segments of the speech to change the context. Let’s first see the segments in question unedited. Below is the complete State of the Union, jump to 28:15 for the first part and 42:50 for the second.

Notice how, on both occasions, when the President dropped in his jokes, albeit corny, there was noticeable laughter, followed by a round of applause.

Now, watch the segment covering these two instances from Fox & Friends. Click here to watch it, I would embed it but it doesn’t work.

Wow, not only did they dub in cricket chirps but they completely muted the laughter and cut out the portions showing the attendees applauding. They’ve turned the State of the Union into a 1940s Looney Tune. Really, Fox? Don’t tell me you couldn’t find anything else in his address to criticize. To be discussing the State of the Union and attack the two minor instances where the President made a corny attempt at humor is, well, childish. “He has stupid jokes and and and…well he’s stupid, with a stupid face.”

Look, we live in a free country, and one of the great things about our free country is, freedom of speech. The fact that anyone can say pretty much whatever they want about the President without being thrown into prison is a testament to that freedom. But come on, what a waste of an amazing freedom.

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