The Daily Show Isn’t Real

31 Jan
Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Sh...

I'm not wearing any pants, film at 11

Back in late December the White House stated that, thanks to The Daily Show with John Stewart, awareness had risen in regards to the 9/11  bill. If you’ve never seen The Daily Show I suggest you try it out, you can watch entire episodes on Comedy Central‘s website. While they apparently describe themselves as a fake news programs, the stories they report on are based on current news events. Furthermore they have tendency to call out various news networks for reporting false information and twisting news, no network is safe, John Stewart attacks them all. Unfortunately, one network seems to come up more than others, your favorite and mine, Fox News. If, in the past, you’ve heard a story about some misinformation Fox was spreading, chances are The Daily Show brought it up first.

Well Fox and The Daily Show have a history together, they’ll fight back and forth, its nothing short of amusing. Then, in late December, after the White House has made the 9/11 bill awareness statement, Fox & Friends said this.

If you are somewhere without the ability to watch the embedded the video, the long and the short is, Gretchen Carlson says she thinks its, “a problem” that people “think The Daily Show is real news.” Like the lies that John Stewart is spreading will lead to the destruction of our nation. Well, I’m sure that many Daily Show viewers realize that the show itself considers itself fake, so why would they still feel that its, “real news.” Maybe, Gretchen, it’s the fact that they tend to call out other networks, including yours, on their lies. Maybe its the fact that they are reporting on current events. The fact that they add comedic twist to their reports doesn’t alter the accuracy of them.

Gretchen’s opinion falls under the very definition of irony. It sounds more like she doesn’t like the fact that John Stewart pokes fun at their (an other networks) mishandling of news events. If The Daily Show doesn’t contain “real news,” what does the Fox network, a news network, contain?

Oh that’s right, crazy shit like this:
(an excerpt where Fox’s Megyn Kelly claims Fox personalities don’t invoke Nazis, followed by a list of numerous examples in the past that do the contrary)

Some of you at this point, may be recalling a post that I made a while back entitled, Repeating History, where I compared some of our current economic and social situations with that of pre-WWII Germany, to show that humans, based on historic events, make poor decisions when things get hairy. Don’t think for a moment that what I said in that post can in any way be compared to the wild things in that list. I never compared anyone to Nazis or the people of pre-WWII Germany, as the examples in this list do, I even went to the trouble of expressing that point at the conclusion of the post and explaining that the parallels I had drawn were, at best, loose.

To bring this all together, here’s a clip of John Stewart on The Daily Show talking about Fox’s claims of not invoking Nazis where he tasks his staff with locating examples of Nazi invoking after this statement, thinking that they would have toned it down after the claim had been made. Enjoy.

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