OOOOhhh, evil Socialism

02 Feb


Alright everyone, get your prejudicial Socialist arguments locked and loaded. I can see it now, the very mention of the word Socialism bringing chills up some spines. If you haven’t noticed, and it would be pretty hard to, there’s a lot of Americans that outright hate Socialism, with a passion. Just look at this picture to the right. What makes Socialism so horrible and evil, I’ve wondered this for quite some time but I’ve yet to hear an argument against it with even the slightest bit of logic or validity.

Here’s an interesting article about a young entrepreneur in Norway (a socialist nation) who, like many of his fellow country men, has become extremely wealthy despite all of those evil socialist systems and ridiculous taxes. The article speaks for itself, disproving many arguments against Socialism without even mentioning them.

Now I’m not here to advocate or oppose the idea of our country going Socialist, certainly not entirely. However, I feel that there are genuine benefits to some aspects of Socialism that we could all benefit from. If we could simply look past our prejudice and investigate the true pros and cons of some of the Socialist ideals, I feel our country could truly prosper from their adoption. As I’ve said before, the best social system to adopt is one of many systems, a blending of Capitalist and Socialist ideology that takes the best concepts from both sides. Many other nations that have done the same and are doing quite well for themselves.

Here are some of the arguments I’ve heard before, and below them, my responses.

The government will control businesses and everything else for that matter
This argument alone goes against the very definition of Socialism. Businesses and means of production are actually owned by everyone, not the government. When talking about Socialist style systems, the government would be in control, think public schools, road systems, and libraries. Like many other semi-Socialist nations, however, private industries are still allowed and encouraged. With Socialism think of an employee owned business, which there are many of across the United States, in this aspect the means of production and distribution are shared by all of the employees.

No one will be inclined to work because there will always be a safety net for them
You’ll always have people like this, the lazy ones, that don’t do jack. They mooch off of welfare and food stamp programs even though they are more than capable of finding work. That won’t get better or worse because of Socialism. I don’t know about them, but I would much rather be working than living off the system. Gag, I wouldn’t want that, by working and earning a paycheck I feel as though I have value, I have to be working in some way. But you know what, it would certainly be nice to know that a quality, stable, worthwhile system were in place below me in case for whatever reason I were to lose my job or become disabled.

We’ll just end up paying for everyone else’s <insert Socialist system here>
I’m so tired of hearing that. Look, when it comes to healthcare, we already are paying for everyone that doesn’t have insurance, we do however, have the ability of possibly lowering the cost if we did something about it. Furthermore, the very same people who argue against Socialist systems would happily take advantage of them and thank their lucky stars if they ever needed them. And saying, “Well if I have to to pay for it I might as well use it,” isn’t justification for your arguments. I can tell you from personal experience that nothing can be more stressful than being unemployed, trying to pay bills and afford healthcare with the paltry amount received from unemployment, it would have been a lot easier to focus on finding a new job if I knew a system was below me that would properly support me until then.

We’ll turn into a Communist country if we start adopting Socialist systems
Many Communist nations in history believed that Socialist ideals were needed for their countries to succeed and Marxist theory concludes that Socialism is nothing more than a stepping-stone to Communism but that doesn’t mean that it has to keep moving towards it. There are obvious benefits to Socialist style systems, but that doesn’t mean we need to go full Socialist to achieve them. Bear in mind also, many of the public systems we enjoy on a regular basis are Socialist. Public schools, public libraries, public parks, and public road systems, to name a few. These systems have been in place for a century, or more, and surprise surprise haven’t turned us into a bunch of Commies. Something else to keep in mind is that there are various flavors of Socialism, some of which oppose the idea of Communism.

In America, with our Capitalist system you have the opportunity to succeed, a Socialist believes its their right
Based on what information? Just because the semi-Socialist nations across the world have better social support systems doesn’t mean everybody’s walking around asking for their share of the wealth. Quite the contrary, just look at the article reference above, it could easily be the success story of an American. Norway, and many other “Socialist,” nations are filled with stories just like that. Keep reading the article and you’ll see that we fall in behind Canada, Norway, and Denmark in the number of start-up companies. Yes, that totally sounds like a bunch of a-holes that feel its their right to be rich and famous, nonsense, they worked just as hard (if not harder) for their wealth as any wealthy American.

Our country is going to turn into Nazi Germany all over again
This is a completely baseless argument, so many people’s fear of Socialism seems to stem from World War II and the Cold War that followed. I wonder if we would be more open to the concepts of Socialism had WWII (and the Cold War) never happened. The two are unrelated, if Socialism was so bad (and associated with Nazis) why does Germany have so many Socialist style programs to this day?

Socialism will eliminate our freedoms
Seeing as a Socialist approach puts the emphasis on the citizens as opposed to corporations, seems our freedoms would actually increase. Don’t confuse the abuse of our inalienable rights as US citizens by corporations as “our freedom.”

It seems like the fear that some people have towards Socialism has absolutely no basis. Every argument I have heard makes absolutely no sense and evidence can generally be found that contradicts them. We’ve gotten to a point where we’ve been brainwashed into thinking, by those in power and the media, that Socialism is bad, to the point that, like a child refusing medicine because it tastes bad we’ll refuse to accept some of its obvious benefits. Doesn’t matter the social status: rich, poor, or middle class, even those that would truly benefit from a little Socialism, will flat-out refuse it because….well….I still don’t understand why. Why do we hate Socialism, is it because it truly is horrible, or is it because we’ve been told to hate it.


Here’s a question, if Socialism is as horrible as some say it, where does Capitalism stand? So many of us are so quick to defend Capitalism, but is that because it truly is better, or is it that we’ve been told that the other options are worse? Just as I haven’t heard decent arguments against Socialism, I haven’t heard decent arguments for Capitalism.

I’m not saying Socialism is better than Capitalism, but its certainly not worse. I’m not saying we should convert the whole nation to Socialism, that wouldn’t work, just as complete Capitalism wouldn’t work either. I see some people’s views of Socialism just like racial stereotyping, conceptions about a person’s race based on assumptions and misinformation. Just the same these people’s views of Socialism is based on assumptions and misinformation. Like any other successful nation in this world we must be willing to consider grabbing the best bits from these different ideologies and cramming them together into a mixed socio-economic system.

Perhaps this molded hybrid system will be so incredibly successful that it will be deserving of a new name. How about Americanism?

Perhaps we need to stop thinking like this guy…


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