Bachmann screws Veterans

04 Feb
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And not in a dirty GILF way. Rep. Michele Bachmann has proposed a $4.5 billion cut from Veterans Affairs Department’s health programs to reduce government spending. Part of this cut involves freezing veterans health care funding and cutting disability compensation for veterans also receiving Social Security disability benefits.

Turns out that numerous veterans groups aren’t happy about these cuts, calling them, “ill-advised,” “nothing short of heartless,” and “wrong-headed,” to name a few. This proposal would result in a reduction of up to $2,224 a month in veteran’s disability compensation for a veteran who also receives Social Security Disability Income, referred to as SSDI.

These soldiers are risking their lives and limbs for our freedoms, there’s no limit to how much money that’s worth. So at the very least you’d think we could manage to give them free, quality care when they return home. Additionally so, when you’re in the middle of a war or wars you best be taking really good care of your fighters or you’re going to start having problems finding new recruits. Who’s going to have the inclination to serve their country when their country gives them absolutely nothing in return for their sacrifices.

It’s obvious, at this point, that Bachmann has it in for any form of healthcare bankrolled by the Government, even if it’s in the interest of keeping our soldiers healthy and alive. While Veteran’s health care would be considered Socialist I really don’t think most people would disagree with its obvious benefits. I recall reading about soldiers returning home from Vietnam and being called baby-killers and generally being treated as monsters for following orders and serving their country. A lot of those soldiers ended up with severe mental issues and many committed suicide because they felt their sacrifice had not been appreciated. Is that what’s going to eventually happen to our soldiers of today?

The article linked to above has a quote that really struck a nerve with me, spoken by Richard Eubank, VFW national commander. “The day this nation can’t afford to take care of her veterans is the day this nation should quit creating them.” Powerful words. Perhaps, instead of cutting funding for the care of our soldiers, we should focus on cutting the ridiculous and unnecessarily high amount of funding going towards national defense.

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