This is a terrorist

09 Feb
Mosque Modified

Image by Just Us 3 via Flickr

Coming from a January 30, 2011 article on Huffington-Post. 63-year-old California resident, Roger Stockham, was recently arrested for attempting to terrorize one of the nation’s largest mosques in Detroit, Michigan. Roger is a perfect example of a terrorist, a domestic terrorist to be more precise. Amazingly enough, the article never once mentioned his religion, probably because it would be irrelevant, just as labeling any terrorist with their religion would be irrelevant, as I’ve said before

On January 26, Roger was arraigned on one count of making false report or threat of terrorism and one count of possessing explosives with an unlawful intent. Roger had a large but undisclosed quantity of class-C fireworks including M-80s (which are outlawed in Michigan). While he wins an award for not being the brightest terrorist there could have still been some risk to innocent civilians depending on the quantity of fireworks and there proximity to his gas tank. Just watch a video of a fireworks factory going up and you’ll see that it could have been a very real threat. Regardless of the quantity of fireworks, this guy had some problems, and should be looked at as any other terrorist should be looked at. Furthermore, his case should be handled the same as any other terrorist’s.

The incredibly sad thing about this man’s plans is that he was intending to set off his explosives at the mosque while several mourners had gathered for a funeral. How incredibly pathetic! Does this man somehow thinks he’s better than the terrorists that attacked on 9/11, cause he’s not. This man was a delusional racist that felt it was proper to blame an entire race/religion for the actions of a small group.

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