Oh this is so sad

06 Mar
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Let me start out by stating this, I love this country, I really do. But nothing’s perfect, and there’s something I hate about this country, every time I see it on display I want to reach out and strangle people. Do you know what it is?

It’s several things actually, ignorance, intolerance and bigotry. Even though the human race has been around for thousands of years we still behave like Neanderthals, grunting and moaning for seemingly insignificant things.

Here’s an example, The story alone is sad, but that’s not what I wanted to point out. If you don’t feel like reading the story here’s a brief summary. An American born Egyptian-American college student took his vehicle in to get an oil change, the mechanic discovered a device attached with magnets between his right rear wheel and exhaust. The student, not knowing what the device was, took pictures of it and posted online for help with identification, it was later identified as a GPS tracking device. Shortly thereafter, he was pulled over by several men in bullet-proof vests demanding their property back. The student is now filing a lawsuit against the FBI for violating his civil rights by placing a device on his car with a warrant.

I say, good for him, he insists he has done nothing that should have targeted him for investigation with the possible exception of making overseas calls to his family in Egypt. Regardless, he’s an American citizen, same as anyone else born in the US, granted the same rights as any other American citizen. If the FBI was so interested in this man they should have followed proper procedure and gotten the necessary warrants, end of story.

The FBI spokesman Michael Kortan made sure to spin some BS, “The FBI conducts investigations under well-established Department of Justice and FBI guidelines that determine what investigative steps or techniques are appropriate. Those guidelines also ensure the protection of civil and constitutional rights.” WOW! Talk about contradicting yourself. What about the protection of this man’s civil and constitutional rights, you know, the same rights he should have seeing as he’s the same as any other American citizen. Oh, is it because his skin isn’t white, or he’s part Egyptian, or is it possible that he could be Muslim?

Anyhow, the part that grinds my cookies is the comments section. Granted there are a wealth of well-written, accurate and logical comments. But for every gem there’s a bigoted turd spewing their hate filled comments, one ignorant comment takes out a dozen or so decent comments. I’ve seen comments like this before, here and other random places. Every time I see one my faith in humanity at large is chiseled away bit by bit. Here’s a quick sampling in case you would like to rage with me (however, if you agree with these comments, please get stop visiting my blog)

  • “We need to send all the Muslims back to the Middle East. If they practice Islam, then they are more loyal to their goat-effing Allah than they are to becoming a U.S. Citizen.” – User: Yes!-Arizona
  • Same user replies to a contradiction of his comment. “I know he’s U.S. born, but his loyalty is to the Middle East and he travels there. Who do you think he’d support when push comes to shove…Einstein? People like you, are just as bad as the Allah loving Muslims.”
  • “Oh go back to Egypt and quite your whining! Thank God our government IS watching these people…….I’m sure the 9/11 hijackers all said they were “regular guys” too.” – User: texaslady-2905062 (Damn it, I can’t stand it when the bigots say “these people” or “those people”)
  • Here comes Yes!-Arizona with another gem. “A lot of Mexicans were born in the U.S. too–but their loyalty lies with their drug-dealing; child-raping fellow Mexicans. Just because your mom plopped you out on U.S. soil, does not mean that you are loyal to the U.S., or even consider yourself an American. Where is your loyalty? China?” (He/She was responding to someone with the username, SamuraiDog, that’s where the reference to China came from)
  • Yes!-Arizona is unstoppable. “How many of true U.S. citizens FREQUENTLY travel to the MIDDLE EAST and SEND MONEY to the Middle East. I’m glad that they tracked him. Don’t like it–move to Egypt. No one wants you here. If you believe in a fake person (Allah) and follow his magical and delusional ideas, than how can you be trusted?” (Holy crap, I can’t believe this guy, hello, Allah is another name for God. “Don’t like it” how would you like it if you found out you were being tracked. “No one wants you here” how about me, I want him here, I welcome him here.)

It goes on and on for twelve pages. Back and forth. As evidenced by Yes!-Arizona there’s no way to win an argument with this type of person, they always have some illogical (although not to them) retort to come back with. They think they’re right, always, and everyone else is wrong, regardless of the facts. Despite that, while my faith in humanity dwindles because of these idiots it is slowly rebuilt by the hilarious responses. Even if these responses only fuel the moron’s argument it makes me feel better, it reminds me that there are still good people out there with logic and common sense. Take this one for instance.

Nice comeback

Thank you, InigoMontoya, you’ve reassured me that there are still intelligent people out there.


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2 responses to “Oh this is so sad

  1. Pat Reagin

    March 6, 2011 at 9:39 PM

    I read several more of those comments on this and other news stories. The comments you listed are rather tame compared to some of the racist rants I read on one particular news story. If you read a lot of them you’ll find that a large percentage of the most idiotic comments come from the same few douche-bags on every story. I only hope you don’t lump all of us right-wing nuts in with these guys, I would hate to think that my conservative viewpoint does not equate to bigotry.

    • Nick

      March 7, 2011 at 8:19 AM

      True, compared to some other sites and stories these comments are relatively tame, these just happened to get me thinking about the subject. And true, it is usually the same idiots saying the same awful things over and over again.

      I’m not sure where you thought I was implying that all “right-wing nuts” (your words) are the same, cause that certainly wasn’t the purpose. The whole point was that there is sadly still people that exist that feel this way, people that judge a person’s character based on their religion or skin color, right-wing or left doesn’t matter, I wish I could say we have evolved passed that but ignorance seems to always find a way. I’m a little confused by your last sentence, did you intend for it to sound like you do think your conservative viewpoint equates to bigotry. It reads, “I would hate to think that my conservative viewpoint does not equate to bigotry.” Assuming you meant the opposite, or I’m just reading it wrong, no, I don’t think having a conservative viewpoint makes you a bigot.

      Conservative viewpoint != Bigoted viewpoint


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