It’s about the money

10 Mar


I would like everyone to have a look at this image to the right. If its too small to read you can click on it to view it full-size.

Now I should start by stating that this info-graphic contains no references nor an author. As such the proverbial grain of salt should be administered while viewing it. Having said that, we do know two things.

  1. The wealthy and many corporations continue to receive tax breaks to this day. And…
  2. Wars are expensive, especially when you’ve been engaged in two of them.

So while the numbers on this graphic may be inflated or deflated to get a point across, there is still a sliver of truth.

It’s been apparent to me for quite some time that our government is more concerned with the money being stuffed into their pockets than with the citizens that voted them into office. This graphic, sensationalized as it may be, only solidifies that belief. Our country has become more concerned with money than the prosperity of as many of its citizens as possible. We appear to have forgotten that if we help ourselves as well as our neighbors then we both will prosper. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if you stumbled, there would be someone there to catch you, someone to help get you back on your feet. If we were to all get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes along with that knowledge maybe we wouldn’t be so adverse to the idea of contributing to systems that help the less fortunate.

Some people have argued that if we started taxing businesses and the wealthy more that they’d simply leave the country. They base this argument on assumptions, there’s no evidence to suggest that this would happen. Furthermore, the wealthy, contribute a smaller percentage of their income to taxes than those at the other end of the spectrum. No one is suggesting that we tax them to death, just tax them for their fair share. Do you honestly think that all the wealthy people are just going to skip the country because they’re getting taxed higher? I doubt it.

War is a tricky subject. Having a solid and stable defense system in place is extremely important, however, the graphic is only listing the cost of the war in Iraq. A war that was fought for unnecessary reasons. A single person came forward claiming that Iraq had or was developing nuclear weapons, without checking these facts we started a war with them. Nuclear weapons were never found, the man who came forward later admitted that he intentionally brought forth false information because he hated Saddam, and we’re just now starting to pull our troops out. Now you can try to make yourself feel better by saying, “Saddam engaged in genocide and was oppressing his people.” That may have been true, and its good that we got him out of there so that the people of Iraq could start fresh and hopefully put a true democracy in place, however, it sounds like a lot of the Iraqis aren’t exactly happy with how their new government is working at the moment. Regardless, the Iraqi people never asked for our help, and as recent evidence has shown, oppressed people (i.e. Egypt) are capable of starting their own revolutions. Furthermore, do you honestly think that’s the reason we went to war with Iraq. Bush said it was because of the nuclear weapons, but I seriously doubt that they would have started an all-our war with Iraq over the words of one man. We were itching to go to war with Iraq and this was probably nothing more than a convenient excuse. The true reasons may never be known but there are a few theories.

  • Our economy was stale and based on past experience, war has been known to stimulate it.
  • The Bush administration was buddies with owners and stockholders of numerous defense contractors who were looking to get rich.
  • The Bush administration was buddies with some oil corporations, Iraq has lots of oil, and Saddam wasn’t interested in selling it to us.

I know these sound like conspiracy theories, and they are, but that doesn’t make them impossible. Similar and more unbelievable things have happened before.

I want to know why we think its okay to spend great deals of money in the interest of killing people we hate, while giving incredible tax cuts to wealthy and corporations and the less fortunate get stepped on. Even though, according to the graphic, just eliminating the war in Iraq would have freed up enough money for the programs to remain intact and still allow for the wealthy/corporate tax breaks. I’m unable to comprehend why someone will stand there and say, “I don’t want to support these programs that only allow the lazy to continue to be lazy.” While at the same time seemingly having no problem sinking ginormous amounts of cash into a pointless war. Wouldn’t you prefer to have your tax dollars go to helping people live healthy, productive lives instead of funding an effort to kill people???

I just have to ask. What happened to compassion?


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2 responses to “It’s about the money

  1. Jen

    March 11, 2011 at 4:49 PM

    Way to go Nickie….love you


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