On thin ice

16 Mar
Madison, Wisconsin Dec04 STA 2786

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If Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker likes his job he better be careful moving forward.

BuzzFlash posted an article discussing Walker’s claims that he’s received thousands of emails supporting his actions against unions. In light of this claim, many have requested that he come forward and release these emails as required by the state’s Open Records Law. So far Walker has refused to release these emails and people are getting a little upset.

Therefore, The Wisconsin Associated Press and the Madison “Isthmus” are suing Walker to be allowed to review the electronic messages. The lawsuit was filed on March 4 and states that on February 18 a request was made for the nearly 8,000 messages to be released, this message was later followed by another on February 25 inquiring about the status and asking for any emails the governor received in regards to the budget repair bill. As of March 7th the governor’s office and legal counsel had yet to respond to the requests. The Open Records Law requires that any requests should be responded to as soon as practicable and without delay.

Relax guys, they’ll respond in time and provide access to all those emails, as soon as they get done manufacturing them all.

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