Awwww SNAP!

28 Mar
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Image by gage+desoto via Flickr

That’s right, prepare for head explosions.

The second largest shareholder of News Corp.’s, the parent company of Fox News, is none other than Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, nephew of Saudi Arabian King Abdullah (who just happens to be one of the world’s richest men. [source] [source]

Here, let me translate that into a Fox News headline.
“Breaking News: Fox News’ parent company, News Corp. owned by terrorists wishing to impose Sharia law on us all.”

This gets even more juicy when you realize that News Corp. donates money to the Republican Party. Holy crap, the Republican party is partially funded by Muslims. RUN FOR THE HILLS! [source] [source] Does not compute, does not compute!

I tell you, sometimes, someone sends me an article like this and it brings a smile to my face that I wear all day long.

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