But…what about the chicken sandwich?

02 Apr
Chick-Fil-A's signature chicken sandwich

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Show of hands, who loves Chick-fil-A? If you didn’t raise your hand than get out, get out now! JK

Well, for those of you who like (or love) Chick-fil-A and also believe in gay rights, you may have a difficult choice ahead of you, depending on how strongly you feel about the whole gay rights part (and those amazing sandwiches).

A recent investigation into the ties between Chick-Fil-A’s philanthropic leg, WinShape, and anti-gay organizations turned up some interesting dirt. The President of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, denies that his company is anti-gay, also claiming that he and the company have “no agenda against anyone” and “will not champion any political agendas on marriage and family.” However, that investigation discovered that WinShape contributed over $1.1 million to groups known for their anti-gay mentality, check the article to see who all received donations.

Now, Chick-fil-A is a private company, they obviously can do whatever they want with their money, they choose to donate a large portion to their not-for-profit organization WinShape. WinShape undoubtedly has some Chick-fil-A bigwigs on their board of directors, pushing their agenda. Therefore, by extension, Chick-fil-A is pushing that same agenda. Don’t know if they’ve thought about the implications of this just yet, but there may be some people who feel very strongly about gay rights and they’ll simply stop eating there out of principle.

Unfortunately I think I’m too weak to stop eating those delicious chicken sandwiches. Hmmm, gay rights or chicken sandwiches.

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