Like a room full of children

08 Apr
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Well, our government has shown us once again, that they’re completely incapable of doing the jobs they’re being paid to do. Unable to some sort of agreement over a new budget for the next six months, will force the government to shut down at midnight tonight. I think we all know what needs to be done to balance that pesky budget, taxing corporations and increasing taxes on the wealthy. Seems the only ones that don’t see the possible benefits are the empty suits in D.C.

What happens if they shut down the government? Well, nearly 800,000 non-essential federal employees will go on unpaid furlough. So emergency services and law enforcement will still be operating. The effects of this shut down really all depend on how long it lasts, essentially the government would be offline until an agreement was met on the budget. According to Bloomberg, a few days wouldn’t be too terrible, but any longer could have extremely detrimental effects on our economic recovery.

Originally I thought to myself, of course they wouldn’t have a problem shutting down the government, while those 800,000 people wouldn’t get paid they would, as those are the rules. Turns out though Congress does have a bit of a heart, many of them have insisted that until an agreement is met they do not wish to receive their pay either as that would be unfair.

The last time a shutdown occurred was in 1995 when Clinton vetoed Congress’ spending bill. A standoff occurred between Clinton and Newt Gingrich due to the Republican controlled Congress wanting to make additional cuts to education, environmental controls, EITC, and limiting the growth of Medicare (sound familiar). Clinton refused, Gingrich therefore refused to raise the debt limit and it eroded from there into a pissing match that lead to a shutdown of the government to prevent a defaulting on their debt.

I don’t know, seems to me we should be treating this behavior like an employer with an employee that simply doesn’t do their job, fire them. Here’s what I’m thinking, if it actually gets to the point where a shutdown occurs, we simply tell every last one of the members of Congress, “thanks for trying, but get the hell out.” The next day we hold new elections, no party affiliations, mentioning a party affiliation gets you disqualified, and no campaign contributions. Start from scratch. I know that’s completely unrealistic and would never happen, but I can dream.


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4 responses to “Like a room full of children

  1. Pat Reagin

    April 9, 2011 at 9:20 AM

    Disaster Averted.

    Whew that was a close one. The Democrat babies caved and the Republicans compromised. Life is good and Bubba and LeRondel will still get their checks.

    • Nick

      April 9, 2011 at 9:30 AM

      Wait a minute!

      So when the Domocrats compromise, they cave.
      But when the Republicans cave, they compromise.

      How incredibly hypocritical. Why don’t you just come out and say it. You hate Democrats as they do nothing right and love Republicans as they can do no wrong. I’ll be honest, I hate them both for acting like babies, but its all of them, not just the Democrats. Nor is this new, they both act like babies on a regular basis and throughout history.

      And there’s those stereotypical names again.

  2. Pat Reagin

    April 8, 2011 at 9:59 PM

    Are you forgetting when the dems almost did it to Bush? what they did to Reagan and the 1st Bush, the Republicans did it to Clinton too. This is all just political posturing, old news “yaaawnn”. Life continues without the federal government. I don’t think anyone is going to die or not get their medicaid, so they can roll up to Walgreens drive-thru in their H2 and get their freed Oxycontin.

    Do we need a government to provide some safety net, yup we sure do. Do we need them to help care for the elderly and sick, yup. But I don’t think the world will end or federal spending is the “lifeblood” of our economy as some see it

    I’m sure some CNN or NBC camera is going to catch some poor bastard suffering somewhere and try to convince us that if only the federal government hadn’t shut down, he’d be happy and healthy… get real. Life goes on and the world will keep spinning even if the government shuts down for a few days (which is all the longer it will last). Don’t worry BillyBob or Tyrone… the check’s in the mail.

    • Nick

      April 9, 2011 at 9:25 AM

      Nope, didn’t forget those. Notice I wasn’t pointing fingers at any one political party as the cause of this close shutdown, I was pointing a finger at Congress at a whole. Notice also how the title of this post is “Like a room full of children” not “Like a room full of Republican children.” This is a failure on all of their parts, unable to compromise, like stubborn children. The reason I didn’t bring up the dems almost doing it to Bush and I didn’t bring the time with Reagan and Bush 1.0 was because all I was indicating was the last time the government shutdown, not almost and not every time in history. There was no attacking of Republicans or Democrats on my part, if that’s what you were looking for. Have you forgotten that I think political parties are incredible thorn in the side of our Democracy, this case just goes to prove it. When you’ve only got two camps to side with you’ll get situations where both groups lock horns. Definitely true, with all this going on, everybody went about their business, one of the plus sides to the design of our government, but I’m sure those 800,000 federal employees weren’t thinking “life continues” if this shuts down.

      You sound bitter Pat, I live across the street from a Walgreens and I can’t remember the last time I saw an H2 driving through to get their free Oxycontin. I know you were just generalizing, but aside from it being a completely inaccurate generalization, it also screams your opinion about all of our neighbors. Do you honestly think that the majority of US citizens are happy as a clam with their free drugs courtesy of our tax dollars and Medicaid? Are there people out there abusing the system, absolutely, do they outnumber those that truly and honestly need medication and healthcare, doubtful. Regulation should be put in place to prevent those from taking advantage but without punishing those that honestly need it.

      Unfortunately, thinking that a government shutdown wouldn’t harm our economy is a bit naive. These days, money, rules everything. Case and point, just at the very mentioning of the threat of a shutdown caused stocks to drop several points yesterday. Will they recover, of course, but that just goes to show how money links everything together.

      Here we go again, notice how you say CNN or NBC, wouldn’t want to actually come out and say that Fox will spin this there way to, seeing as that’s your propaganda of choice. BillyBob or Tyrone, wow, so now you’re actually pointing fingers at rednecks and black people as the ones abusing our social systems. I bet you could find great deals of plain old white Americans abusing the systems as well as rednecks and blacks that honestly need it. Based on that, do you just say we need to take care of the elderly and sick so you don’t sound insensitive? Are you really against all forms of social systems just because you’re forced to put some of your money into them, even though if you were ever to need them you’d happily accept them?


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