Vermont leading the way

14 Apr featured an interview with William Hsiao, an economics professor at the Harvard School of Public Health. Hsiao designed the single-payer healthcare system in Taiwan (one that is extremely well-known throughout the world). Vermont, like every other state in the union, has been faced with stupidly high healthcare costs and numerous uninsured citizens. Vermont decided to approach Hsiao with a desire to design a single-payer healthcare system very similar in design to Taiwan’s.

In Boston’s interview with Hsiao he explains the goals of the plan he designed, how it could cut costs, how it differs from Massachusetts attempt and the healthcare reforms, changes to coverage, what will become of private insurers, the possibility of the plan be replicated in other states. He concludes his interview by answering the question, “Compared to other countries you’ve worked in, what are the challenges in the US?” His response pretty much sums up the core of the problem with out-of-control healthcare costs in the US.

Definitely worth a read here:


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