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21 Apr
2007 Best Ranger Competition

Image by The U.S. Army via Flickr

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A recent 35-year-old Russian immigrant to America, Greg Jeloudov, decided to join the Army as a result of his patriotic feelings towards his new home and hope that the military could help him jump into a career that would provide for his family. Unfortunately when Greg arrived at Fort Benning, GA for his basic training the soldiers in his unit called him a “champagne socialist” and a “commie faggot,” based solely on his thick Russian accent. Less than two weeks later he was gang-raped in the barracks by men who said they were showing him who was in charge of the United States. (Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here with the soldiers calling Greg a “faggot” then gang-raping him, talk about the pot calling the kettle black) When he reported the attack to his superiors they told him, “It must have been your fault. You must have provoked them.” (how caring)

You know something, you’re absolutely right, he did provoke them, by having a Russian accent. In all honesty, we provoked these actions against this man. A man who, while previously Russian, came to this country legally and wanted to show his support for his new home by joining our military. We’re guilty because we’ve elected political leaders that spout remarks about socialism, communism, and all the delightful slang terms that we’re so good with coming up with. We’re guilty because we support news media that spreads fear and promotes xenophobia to the point that we’re judging people simply because of their accent, brilliant. When are we going to learn that someone’s political opinions and support for their country extends beyond an accent or skin color. You can bet if this man had looked as if he were from the Middle East, that the verbal and physical attacks he sustained would have been exponentially worse.

You’d think, as old as the human race is, that we wouldn’t still be acting like cave dwelling Neanderthals, grunting and attacking anything that didn’t look exactly like us.

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