The war against our economy

11 May
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Was 9/11 about killing Americans, yes, was that the primary goal, no. According to news flying around following Bin Laden‘s death this week the primary goal was economic in nature. A quick look at al-Qaeda’s strategy on Wikipedia shows that their plans culminated with the collapse of the US economy. Sadly, while we aren’t near collapse, over the course of the last decade our economy has certainly been hurt. Pay particular attention to step 5, where it says, “The U.S. economy will finally collapse under the strain of too many engagements in too many places, similarly to the Soviet war in Afghanistan…”

While al-Qaeda‘s reach probably doesn’t extend to Libya, the dangers are still the same. Take for example our recent budget issues, remember all the talk about cutting various helpful programs while increasing the military defense budget. All the warning signs are there, are we at risk of stretching ourselves to thin? We’re still engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq plus we’re considering stepping into Libya. We may feel we’re in the right for, but at the end of the day we have to be able to sustain that methodology. At some point we have to realize that we can’t be in both places at the same time for so long, it takes its toll.

The Washington Post published an interesting blog post that goes into detail al-Qaeda’s plans and how successful or not they’ve been.

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