June – Week 1 Summary

04 Jun

May 30, 2011

  1. Frank Housh, a blogger for Open Salon, was apparently offended by the large cardboard cutout style advertisement for the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever. It features Duke standing in the middle with some bimbos in school-girl uniforms on each arm, the heads of which have been cutoff to allow anyone to place their own heads in for a true Kodak Moment. Frank goes on a several paragraph rant about the advertisement’s “objectification of women in an environment catering to impressionable, pre-teen boys” and that it “bordered on pedophilia, as the female(s) was wearing a high school uniform and being groped by a man twice her age.” (funny when you look at his profile picture, he kind of looks like a pedophile, complete with pedo-glasses) As usual, someone that knows absolutely nothing about a particular object goes off the deep end, never bothering to research the object or ask about it. I’ve seen adult women wearing high-school girl uniforms so an age cannot be determined from that, furthermore, they have no faces. This guy’s holier than though style rant loses even more value when he jokes about GameStop employees (nerds) not having girlfriends and concluding his post by saying, “Oh, and Duke? Fuck you. Douchebag.” Wow how mature, he posts this rant under the guise of him protecting his 11-year-old son but wraps it up with “Fuck you” and calling a fictional character a douchebag. The guy’s stupidity alone is infuriating and somewhat entertaining, but where it gets good is within the comments section, where the wrath of the internet is unleashed in full force. Some of the comments are no better than this goober’s tirade, but some are well put and totally put Mr. Housh in his place. (Full blog post on Open Salon) Someone even wrote a nice little response blog to him here.
  2. President Obama was making a stop in Joplin, Missouri to help honor those that had passed as a result of the horrible storms in weeks prior. Apparently some brilliant members of The Westboro Baptist Church thought that would be a great time to stop by and protest Obama. Also, 300 or so bikers heard about the WBC members’ plans to protest and decided they better come as well. A majority of the members must have gotten word of the bikers as only a few showed up, one of which was strolling through the group of bikers when they discovered who he was. In the altercation that followed his shirt was torn and he had been shoved around quite a bit until police came up, grabbed him and told him to “run you stupid mother fucker.” Ah yes, nothing brings a smile to my face more than hearing about WBC getting pushed around. (Full story on Politicus USA)
May 31, 2011
  1. New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, after recently proposing to cut $540 million from the state’s Medicaid program to help balance the budget, needed to get to his son’s high school baseball game. Did he drive with his family to the diamonds to watch the game like a normal person. Or did he treat the opportunity like that of an egotistical dictator. Well he chose the latter, arriving in the high school parking lot in a recently purchased $12.5 million helicopter, then riding in a limo the 100-yards to the field. Way to be frugal and showing your citizens you’re in it together with the whole maintaining a budget thing. (Full story on
  2. A study referred to as the Basic Economic Security Tables for Michigan that analyzes the cost of essential needs for singles and families across Michigan, found the cost of providing basic necessities far exceeds minimum wage and the paychecks of people working full-time in low-paying job categories. This seems pretty obvious to a lot of us, but for those that perhaps don’t have the skills necessary for a better paying job it may come as a shock. For instance, single Michiganites without children must earn $12.24 an hour to support themselves, a mother of two younglings, $24.49 an hour (three times minimum wage). The study comes at a time when unemployment is dropping but requests for food assistance is rising because the newly created jobs are more often than not, low paying. This could become even more disheartening when they desire to go to college to get out of the rut, but are unable to to because they must work extra hours and/or aren’t earning enough to save up for college (financial aid only goes so far). A low-income family counselor spent an afternoon with a single mother of three who makes $7.54 an hour ($880 a month for four people), how does that work??? (Full story on Detroit Free Press)
June 2, 2011
  1. Chris Christie, in the news again, is on his way to preventing 23,000 people from receiving Medicaid benefits with his proposal to cut eligibility levels to an outrageous new low. Currently, if you make less than $24,645 you can qualify for Medicaid benefits, with Christie’s proposal, you can only qualify if you make less than $5,317. Essentially, if you earn more than $103 a week, that’s too much to qualify. To put that in a different light, an uninsured parent working full time at a minimum-wage job would no longer be eligible. According to the New Jersey press, the only way these parents could become eligible for health coverage in the future is if the parent applies for and is eligible for welfare which sends the wrong message. Think about it, shouldn’t we be giving a helping hand to those who are at least trying to do something to help themselves with even the lowest paying jobs. If you don’t make enough money at your job to afford healthcare but apparently make to much to utilize Medicaid why wouldn’t you just stop going to work and go on welfare so you can get Medicaid. Ah New Jersey, there’s a reason I never visited you. (Full story on ThinkProgress)
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