June – Week 4 Summary

25 Jun

June 20, 2011

  1. Jon Stewart appeared on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday program this past week discussing journalistic ethics and ideology. When the interview was aired on Fox it had been snipped and cut to the point that Stewart sounded like a mentally unstable person. Thankfully, Comedy Central posted the complete unedited interview on their site for all to see where Stewart’s arguments make perfect sense. Chris Wallace, the entire time, acts like a pompous prick who is so sure of his own superiority simply because he’s on Fox and Stewart is on Comedy Central. During his interview Stewart referenced the polls that showed that Fox News viewers were the most misinformed, which supposedly included some incorrect statements. PolitiFact, a political fact checking site, called him out on this and Stewart subsequently apologized to his viewers for his error, but he also took the opportunity to point out PolitiFact’s catches of Fox News. Stewart rattled off a rather lengthy list of false information broadcast by Fox News throughout the past year. (View Fox News version of interview) (View Unedited version of interview) (View laundry list of Fox Lies)

June 21, 2011

  1. Alternet’s Zaid Jilani, shares a sad story of a man, unable to afford healthcare, who robbed a bank for $1 just so he could be taken to jail and receive health coverage. James Richard Verone worked at Coca Cola for 17 years as a delivery person, known by friends and coworkers as an honest and hard working man. Three years ago, however, he was laid off, later finding employment as a convenience clerk but shortly thereafter his health began to deteriorate. He noticed a protrusion from his chest and was developing arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. It wasn’t long before the pain was too debilitating and he filed for disability which was subsequently denied by the federal government. He was at the end of his rope, and he felt there were no alternatives. Knowing full well that prisoners are given access to healthcare regardless of their monetary situation he decided his only course of action was to rob a bank. His only interest was making it to prison for treatment, so he handed the teller a note demanding one dollar and medical attention, then told the teller he would sit nearby and await the police. Later, talking to a reporter he said he suspected that if a socialized medical option were available he wouldn’t be talking to a reporter through a metal screen while wearing an orange jumpsuit. He added, “If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.” When a man is reduced to a choice between prison and free healthcare or freedom and debilitating pain (maybe even death) that’s depressing. Equally sad is the fact that prisoners are given access to free healthcare while perfectly innocent people who are either homeless or working poor get nothing. The greatest nation in the world indeed. (Full story on Alternet)
June 23, 2011
  1. The Justice Policy Institute released a report showing the political strategies of private prison companies. Apparently, being a private prison company is extremely profitable, the two largest private prison companies, CCA and GEO Group raked in over $2.9 billion in revenue in 2007. You know how they maintain those juicy profits, get ready for this, lobbying, direct campaign contributions, and networking. Those first two are the evil venom that has made our government bend over backwards for corporations so that it no longer serves the people it was intended to. The three main companies have contributed $835,514 to federal candidates, $6 million to state politicians, and roughly $1 million on federal lobbying. How about this, 30 of the 36 legislators who co-sponsored Arizona’s immigration law, that would possibly increase the number of immigrants placed in prison, received campaign contributions from private prison lobbyists or companies. Have another, private prison businesses are involved in lobbying efforts related to a bill in Florida that would require privatizing all of the prisons in South Florida. You see, the conservatives love to talk about “smaller government” and one way they suggest you do that is by privatizing public systems, like prison systems. But when you run public systems as profit generators they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they line their pockets with as much profit as possible. To do that they’ll screw over anyone that they can, cause they don’t need to care. And the goofballs that suggested a system be privatized almost always use the argument that it will save great deals of money. In the long run, that doesn’t always happen, as the private system will milk the contracts for as much as they can. We like to call our economy a “free market” where anyone can start a business, and possibly make money and succeed. How is that possible when all it boils down to is the corporation with the deepest pockets is buying votes that favor their profit generation so that they can either drive their competitors out of business or buy them up to increase their size many times over. Our government is no longer concerned with the plights of the lowly citizen, as long as the  policies they set lead to increased financial support from lobbyists and contributions that’s all that matters to them. (Full story on ThinkProgress)

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