July – Week 3 Summary

23 Jul

July 16, 2011

  1. Media Matters obtained internal emails from Fox News executive Bill Sammon showing his attempts to slant Fox’s news coverage against President Obama and his policies. So now, not only have many Republicans publicly stated their primary concern of discrediting the Obama administration and ensuring he remains a single term President, but now we have hard evidence that Fox is doing their best to aid the Republicans in their quest. I tell you, I’m getting sick of this political circle-jerk. People were saying that now that the Republicans had control of Congress that things were going to start getting done, well have they, absolutely not, its apparent that at this point the more important thing to them is ruining our President’s reputation. They’re not trying to fix the budget, their not trying to fix the economy, they want to make poor decisions that can be easily pinned on Obama and the Democrats. For them, it’s easier to fold their arms and not budge on anything (as evidenced by their behavior with the budget talks) with the hopes of blaming the whole mess on the President. And with the help of Fox’s misinformation campaigns, they’ll succeed, the Republicans will pull the strings, Fox will play the tune, and their loyal viewers will believe it to the very end. (Full story on MediaMatters)
July 19, 2011
  1. We’ve all heard about trickle-down economics and that keeping corporate taxes and regulations low will inevitably end up resulting in more jobs and a better economy. The Republicans have been pushing this economy style for a really long time. Problem is, its not working, despite our terrible government’s decisions to not increase taxes to the wealthy and cut loopholes commonly exploited by corporations the countries unemployment rate continues to be stagnant. AlterNet’s Joshua Holland, produced an interesting article discussing why the wealthiest Americans are the real ‘job-killers.’ What numerous studies have shown and continue to show is that the true job producers of this country are the lowly citizens, when they go to the store and buy things, when they spend their paychecks on things. Cars, TVs, appliances, services, groceries, etc. When only the the top 1% takes in more than twice the share of national income than they did 30 years ago you’ll get to a point where that top 1% has no reason to buy anything else. What happens to the other 99%? Well, pay-cuts, lay-offs and other unemployment contributors have resulted in a glutton of people who are barely making enough to scrape by. What happens when those 99% no longer have a disposable income to blow on stuff? The crap collects dust on store shelves, the 1% already have these things, why would they buy more of them. No consumer demand simply translates into more layoffs and corporations closing their doors. The top 1% is now banking the piles of cash their greed netted them, they forsee an economic failure just as much as the peons do and they want to be prepared for it.  (Full story at Alternet)This is what would be referred to as a vicious cycle:
    1. A select few, driven by greed, cheat, lie and take advantage of their employees, they lobby government to relax regulations that possibly protect the public and employees, they hire shifty accountants to cook books and manipulate tax codes so that they can get away with paying little to no taxes.
    2. Empowered by their greed, the select few see no reason to pass this extra profit down to their employees in the form of raises. They figure, since the unemployment rate is so high these employees won’t even try to leave no matter how much they stiff them.
    3. The employees, having been a victim of years of pay-cuts and benefits reductions. Now has less money to buy discretionary items. These are the items that fuel our economy. Stuff that people can live without, these employees can’t afford those things anymore, too much of their income goes towards simple necessities.
    4. The reduction in purchasing of these non-necessity items results in too large of a supply with no corresponding demand. Prices will be dropped, which will help for a brief period of time, but you can only go so low.
    5. The select few, now seeing a reduction in incoming profits, not wanting to pull from their pockets will find ways to ease the financial burden within their companies, they’ll lay off workers. (Example: Goldman Sachs is planning on cutting nearly 1,000 jobs after their 2nd quarter net income was reported to be “only” $1.09 billion (Bloomberg))
    6. The select few still have their money, the unemployment rate has gone up further, there’s more people with less discretionary income to spend.
    7. Rinse and repeat.
July 20, 2011
  1. The Daily KOS reprinted a series of posts from two sites indicating new evidence showing a reason for George W. Bush’s sudden shift in votes in the 2004 election. Michael Connell, owner of GovTech, a private IT firm, worked for the Bush family and Karl Rove. His company created the system that transferred Ohio’s vote count late on election night 2004 to a partisan Republican server site in Chattanooga, TN owned by SmarTech. It was during that transfer that the vote shift occurred, it was not predicted by the exit polls, and led to Bush’s victory. Connell died a month and a half after delivering the deposition indicating these events in a suspicious small plane crash. At this point, if this is true, I’m not the least bit surprised. The circumstances surrounding numerous aspects of Bush’s term stink to high heaven, from the 9/11 attack to the war in Iraq, there’s some things that have just never added up for me. This extends even to our country today and the way things are happening. (Full story on Daily KOS)
  2. Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is his hat into the ring for the 2012 Presidency, like so many other conservatives he’s anti-science, anti-education, and all about destroying this country with his “wholesome Christian values.” He completely disagrees with all scientific evidence that suggests global warming is a problem. He has appointed creationists as leads of the Texas State Board of Education. Then there’s sex ed, despite endless research indicating that abstinence only education leads to increased teen pregnancies, he and his fellow lawmakers whittled sex ed down from the previous two six-month courses to a single course of abstinence only education. Right from the start it became apparent that it wasn’t working, teens in almost all high school grades were having more sex after attending the program. By 2007, Texas had the highest teen birth rate in the nation, whoops. The story treats us to a sampling of material used in these ineffective classes. As shocking as it may be they’re using bible verses to persuade teenagers from having pre-marital sex, keep in mind, we’re talking about public schools (where this material shouldn’t even exist). As with many other abstinence only education courses, they attempt to teach students by fear and lies. Incorrect evidence is provided in regards to the safety of contraceptives, lies are told about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, all in an attempt to warp the idea of sex into some terrifying thing. Only its not working, because these children were lied to about contraceptives, they don’t see any reason to use them, and as a result, teen pregnancy has sky-rocketed to 50% higher than the national average. Once again, this is exactly why a separation of church and state was put in the Constitution to begin with, some people seem to forget that. What religion you practice is between you, your family, and the people that you share that religion with, that’s how far your freedom exists. Don’t force your religion’s views onto my children or anyone else’s. In all honesty, sex education should be between the parents and their children anyhow, but some parents would rather avoid the topic altogether so someone needs to step in and present the facts. Is abstinence the only safe form of sex, absolutely, but all of the concepts need to be shared so that the children can make informed decisions that could potentially save their lives and prevent unwanted pregnancies.
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