Uh Corporate Shill Much?

26 Sep

Have a look at this screen capture from Fox News.

As soon as you’ve finished laughing you can continue reading.
Let’s look at each bullet-point one-by-one.

  • Abolish the Federal Minimum Wage
    This has been a favorite talking point for the conservative crowd. They feel that minimum wage harms job growth because employers are forced to pay out more and more to their employees which in turn forces them to raise prices which in turn reduces business and can lead to closure of said business. There may be cases where this would apply, especially in the small business arena, but when we’re talking about large corporations (the ones dictating to Fox what to say to their viewers, and to the politicians who are in their pockets)  who are posting record profits despite the crap economy and existence of minimum wage, I call BS on that stunting job growth. Should small business trying to get a foothold maybe have access to a lower minimum wage bracket until they’re established, perhaps. There’s a reason minimum wage exists, employers have had a history paying their employees too little for their job. Do you think they’ll play fair if the rules are gone? Who’s gonna buy the products and services that spur our economy if everyone’s making barely enough to get by. This is a common problem in China by the way.
  • Repeal Federal Workplace Anti-Discrimination Laws
    Anti-Discrimination Laws are in place for the exact reasons Minimum Wage laws are in place. Employers that were racist, sexist, or otherwise were commonly turning away highly qualified workers, oftentimes for less skilled workers, simply because they weren’t the right color or sex. Today I hear arguments against discrimination laws suggesting that they themselves are discriminatory. This may be true, perhaps these laws go a little too far, employers, out of fear of being sued or under the requirement of meeting a certain quota of diversified workforce higher less qualified workers over highly skilled simply because they were not white and/or not male. Repeal, not a good idea, loosen a bit, maybe should. If you think we can trust employers to not bring race/sex/religion into their decisions for hiring someone that’s perfectly qualified when a rule doesn’t force them needs only to look at the racist comments being left on Fox’s website to realize their incorrect thinking.
  • Repeal Laws Mandating Employment Terms
    This is a broad area that covers so many categories and I just don’t feel like covering them. Items included in this category include FMLA, OSHA, whistleblower protection, and job security. Politicians seem to really get a kick out of passing bills without fully disclosing to the public what’s hidden in them, likewise they enjoy killing umbrellas of helpful regulations just to get rid of a few pesky ones. My guess is the corporations are tired of having to pay employees for maternity leave, making sure their work place is safe, and not being able prosecute former employees to tattle on them for breaking environmental/financial/safety regulations.
  • Abolish Extended Unemployment Benefits
    Ah unemployment benefits, amazing how many conservatives badmouth them but at one point or another have gladly accepted them. Granted, they’re not suggesting getting rid of the regular unemployment in this case, but I’m sure they’d love to. Conservatives argue that unemployment benefits act as nothing more than enablers for the lazy, and in some cases they may be right. But they never seem to be able to suggest the percentage of people using unemployment benefits that are actually just taking advantage cause they don’t want to work. I don’t know about other states, but in Indiana, if I had to be on unemployment for any extended period of time, I would have had to have filed for bankruptcy. Some people may be able to get by with what unemployment provides and think that it’s their gravy train, okay, that’s kind of sad, but okay. But for me, and I’m certain, a lot of other Americans, we’re thankful to have unemployment cause it gets us by for a few weeks or months if we’re really unlucky but we’re even more thankful to have a new job again.

There’s certainly cases where I could agree that these things may be causing more harm than good, but the last thing we should be doing is making sweeping cuts to regulations like these. Given Fox’s history I can’t help but think that these bullet points are the things employers would love to see go as it would mean cheaper labor and greater profits. I can tell you one thing, if all these things were abolished or repealed, you would definitely see a drop in unemployment numbers. It’s awfully hard to count a person as unemployed if they’re homeless or dead. This won’t make our country great again, this won’t make the middle class larger, this won’t increase the number of wealthy Americans. Stuff like this will only increase the income disparity and decrease the size of the upper 1%, but I suppose that’s the way they want it. The less of them there are, the less wealth they have to compete with their peers to get.

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Posted by on September 26, 2011 in Political Crap


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