The Slimy Koch Bros.

07 Oct

Recently, Bloomberg, released a story detailing the involvement of the Koch brothers with sales of millions of dollars of petrochemical equipment to Iran. Iran, a country that Bush Jr. included in his list of the Axis of Evil and a country well known for their ties to terrorism. Now, we have killed, imprisoned, and bombed countries and people for their funding of terrorism, how is this any different? Now what is done with that money once its nestled snugly in the Koch Brothers’ wallets. It goes to fund Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works, now they’ve come up before on this blog but most importantly funds from Americans for Prosperity pay for speakers (Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck) to speak at rallies, advertisements, and consultants.

These speakers that are paid for with the profits from these sales are simply pushing the Koch’s agenda. They’re idea prostitutes, they have a following of easily persuaded people and for the right price, they’ll steer those people in whatever direction you want. The Koch’s hate unions, they are a thorn in their side, and eat into their profit margins. Want the common folk, the ones that potentially benefit from unions, to hate them as well, pay your puppets to them what’s up and all of a sudden they’re right there by your side. Blindly defending your opinion while believing its their own.

So there you have it, those speakers we see at the Tea Party rallies and other various venues are bought and paid for by a corporate master, using funds generated by the sale of equipment to a country that supposedly supports terrorism.

When I thought to myself that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are sort of like, low-level domestic terrorists, I didn’t realize the degrees of separation were that close.

Full story on Politicus USA

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Posted by on October 7, 2011 in Political Crap


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