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07 Oct
A wind turbine at Greenpark, Reading, England,...

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Ah Republicans, always on the forefront of what’s hip and in with today’s tea partiers. What’s hip today…attacking clean energy. As soon as everyone found out about Solyndra and the money that was sunk into them it became an all out war against funding any clean or alternative energy. Never mind the fact that Solyndra initially utilized a Republican-created program and received approval from the Bush administration. And don’t mention the billions upon billions of funds and subsidies afforded to the non-clean energy sources (coal, oil, etc.). Let’s also forget the potential that these numerous clean energy start ups have of actually being job creators.

ThinkProgress posted a rather lengthy list of Republicans that asked for clean energy grants in the past but are now poo-pooing on them because their lobbyists told them to switch directions. Hmm, that gives me an idea, let’s take a sampling of the Republicans on this list and see who’s giving them money…I wonder if any of them are receiving money from anyone that might stand to benefit from these reactions.

  • Sen. Jeff Sessions – Oil & Gas, Electric Utilities
  • Rep. Darrell Issa – Oil & Gas
  • Sen. Jerry Moran – Oil & Gas
  • Sen. John Conrnyn – Oil & Gas
  • Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson – Oil & Gas
  • Sen. David Vitter – Oil & Gas, Electric Utilities
  • Rep. Tom Rooney – Oil & Gas
I’m shocked, literally shocked. (see the full list here)
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