October – Week 3 Summary

22 Oct
  • Bank Transfer Chatter Goes Global; CUNA, NAFCU Cite Site Surges
    So let’s say you’re a very large and powerful bank, you, along with several of your buddies, convince the government to relax some of the rules that have been keeping you from making insane amounts of money. Following these relaxations you make several poor decisions that lead to you, and your buddies, losing great deals of money. Since the economy hinges on your success or failures, you ask the government for help, they oblige, and give you billions in bailout money, from taxpayer’s pockets. But apparently those poor decisions are still affecting you, you’re hemorrhaging money, what do you do? Start charging your loyal customers a $5 monthly fee just for the convenience of using their debit cards. Pay off politicians to change the rules, lose piles of cash and damage an already injured economy, drain cash from the government in the form of bailouts, then screw over your customers. I’m of course talking about Bank of America, who after announcing the new debit card fee caused a strong increase of traffic to credit unions across the country. This is how you show a company or even a financial institution how you feel about their treatment of your as a customer, leave them.
  • Tea Party Group Urges Small Businesses ‘Not To Hire A Single Person’ To Hurt Obama
    While the circus of finger-pointing continues in Congress a war is beginning to brew among the public who despise Obama and/or his job plan. This week, Tea Party Nation sent a message to their members with a message from activist Melissa Blackstone. The first part of this message rambled on using keywords and phrases you’ll hear on Fox News all the time, it wasn’t all that coherent and didn’t explain why she felt the way she does. The 2nd part is what is startling, “I, an American small business owner, part of the class that produces the vast majority of real, wealth producing jobs in this country, hereby resolve that I will not hire a single person until this war against business and my country is stopped.” Now there’s some good old-fashioned Tea Party logic for you. This could, in an alternate universe, destroy Obama’s reputation. I can tell you what it will definitely do, further destroy our economy, harm those already at the bottom due to lack of employment opportunities. I suppose they want that, gives them more subjects to attack and call out as being lazy parasites. Perhaps they haven’t thought this through, when you want to destroy a single person’s reputation you don’t destroy everyone else at the same time, that makes you look like an idiot. I’m glad to hear that part of our own country is willing to harm everyone even more just to prove a point that isn’t even valid or logical. Bravo Tea Party, bravo, you’re living up to my expectations. The Tea Party movement is all about being self-sufficient, if you want to be successful you work hard for it, I can admire that, but the employee on the top floor doesn’t always start there. Most of those top-floor employees started at the 1st floor and worked their way up, the way it should be. But when you’ve locked all the doors at the 1st floor it makes it hard for those people to get that necessary start.
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