Kind Christian Like Words

02 Nov

People leave their churches for numerous reasons all the time, be it, change of faith, disagreement with church’s direction or behavior of other members of the congregation. Regardless, this is a personal decision, between a person and God. No one in a church, pastor or otherwise gets to be the judge in response to the exit of a members. But it seems some Christians feel the best way to attract, keep, and bring back members is to lead by fear, scare people into faith. Leaving a person’s church is most likely not an easy decision, don’t compound that with guilt. Take for example this letter that someone received shortly after choosing to leave their church.

I especially enjoy the use of Bible quotes to propagate the feelings of guilt and fear. Something tells me, that if this pastor’s goal was to persuade this member back into their congregation, that he has failed miserably. With an attitude like that, this pastor deserves to see his entire congregation leave him. Unfortunately, I doubt this will happen as much of the congregation most likely carries the same feelings towards this recently excommunicated member.

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Posted by on November 2, 2011 in Crazy Christians


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