November – Week 3 Summary

19 Nov

Homeland Security Wants Mozilla to Pull “Domain Seizure” Add-On Developers have created a Firefox add-on named “MAFIAA Fire,” with this add-on installed, Firefox users can continue to access domains that were formally seized by Homeland Security. The developers of this add-on find the Homeland Security’s recent trend of seizing domains under the guise of piracy prevention highly objectionable. When the ICE unit of the Homeland Security learned of this add-on they immediately requested that Mozilla remove it from their repositories, pointless as the add-on could be hosted and downloaded anywhere. Thankfully, Mozilla denied the request, arguing that censorship of that nature threatens the open internet. Their legal department added that they would comply with valid court orders, warrants, and legal mandates but had not yet received any such documents. The article linked above, shares a list of questions that Mozilla fired off to the ICE with the intention of learning exactly what grounds they felt this add-on deserved removal. The ICE never responded. Bravo Mozilla.

Roman Catholic church’s pedophile investigator jailed for possessing thousands of child porn images Define irony, a father-of-four, responsible for children’s safety at churches and community groups for nine years is caught with thousands of pornographic images of children on his church-supplied computer. Christopher Jarvis, the church’s child safety coordinator was sentenced to 12 months jail for internet pedophile offenses. I’m sure he claimed it was for research.

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