I highly doubt that any of you have just happened to stumble upon this blog by accident. In most cases you already know me and are simply here because I sent you a link to it. In either case thanks for stopping by and allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Nick and I just recently considered writing a blog. I have a tendency to ramble and rant about all sorts of random things and I used to post these ramblings on MySpace back when that was the cool thing to do. Well, seeing as I haven’t touched my MySpace profile in…well…many years I can imagine its starting to look pretty pathetic. Oh MySpace, I remember when you were so in, the ridiculous themes you could download with animated backgrounds and eye straining color schemes, the little media player that always seemed to be turned up way too loud. Facebook, while the cobwebs seem to show on my profile on there as well, didn’t really work like I wanted it to for my excessively long posts. If anyone were to watch me while I were alone they would see that I talk to myself a lot. Now I’m not talking about muttering things under my breath, I have full blown two-way conversations with myself. Now some of you might think this is sad, and it is, which is why I wanted to start writing a blog. I can take those conversations, which at the time of their occurrence seemed like incredible ideas, and put them somewhere for all else to be a part of.

What are you going to write about?
Great question, nothing and anything. Just like my conversations with myself that have varied and random topics so to shall my blog. Some of you may remember the website I ran a few years ago call Junketing. I shall call my blog the same thing, the definition of junketing is, “taking an excursion for pleasure.” I can’t guarantee a pleasurable excursion at all times, at times it may be quite painful. I’ll be writing about anything that comes to mind, movie reviews, funny things I’ve seen, and everyone’s favorite flamebait, political things.

Can I comment on your posts?
Of course, I encourage, if I didn’t it would still be like I was talking to myself expect with people standing around listening to me thinking I’m a nut case. Feel free to comment but keep them to the point and keep the flames down.


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