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May Cool Tech Summary

Seeing as my blog, as of lately has turned into nothing more than me griping about political issues, I thought I’d put together a summary, similar to my weekly summaries, that covers cool technology. I’ll start this as a monthly thing and we’ll see where it goes from here.

  • With all the natural disasters occurring at any given time, few things are more important than safe shelter for those that have been displaced. Will Crawford and Peter Brewin, while studying to be engineers, developed a canvas like material stored on rolls that when sprayed with water will take shape and solidify into concrete within 24 hours. Called Concrete Canvas this material can be shipped into emergency zones in crates, much smaller than its finished size, inflated, sprayed and hardened into safe and reliable shelter in the matter of a single day. See more plus a video of a tent being constructed on BBC News.
  • If any of you are into first-person-shooters and haven’t played Bioshock 1 or 2 you need to, these games received numerous praise for their engaging gameplay, immersive enivronments, beautiful music and incredible sound effects. They’ve been out for a while so you can get both of them for a song, once you’ve played them you’ll understand my excitement for the next game in the franchise, Bioshock Infinite. Taking place in an entirely different decade and storyline, Bioshock Infinite, takes you out of Rapture (the city at the bottom of the ocean in the first two games) and into Columbia, a floating city in the grips of a power struggle. Details are light at the moment as the game isn’t due for release until next year but from what we’ve seen so far you play a Pinkerton agent sent to the city to rescue a woman with incredible telekinetic and psychic powers. A recent preview at E3 was covered by ArsTechnica here. But to really get a feel for how amazing this game can potentially be, see this 10 minute gameplay trailer they released late last year (I can only imagine how polished this game will be upon release next year). BOING!
  • Ever heard of Duke Nukem? Roughly a decade ago Duke Nukem 3D was the game to play, it was crass, violent and had absolutely no redeeming value, but that’s what made it fun. Following the success of Duke Nukem 3D a sequel was planned that has since been in development hell. After the collapse of the original developers, 3D Realms, the rights were sold to Gearbox. They have since taken the reins and ran with it, after only about a year since acquiring the development rights its finally going gold. After much delay and jokes about it ever actually coming, Duke Nukem Forever has finally come, in June. (Full story on Rock, Paper Shotgun)
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